Manuscript Review/Coaching for Writers & Editorial Support for Organizations


Do You…

  • Want feedback on your novel or memoir—and realize that your best friend/partner/parent while great at scrabble/skating/scolding is not a reliable witness to your work?
  • Know you want to write about “that time” but don’t know how to go about it?
  • Want to excerpt stand-alone sections from your manuscript to send to journals but don’t know (a) how to do that? and (b) who might be interested? 
  • Have a handful of stories or essays but need help shaping a manuscript?

Have You…

  • Attended one or more workshops and are confused by the critique you’ve received?
  • Finished an MFA and want to continue having MFA-level feedback?
  • Got stuck in your project because you can’t separate fact from fiction?
  • Finished a book and want to polish it before you send it off?

I can help.

We will talk about your project in an initial meeting and assess what would be most useful to you as a writer. Following that, we would work out a series of meetings that would suit your project:

Manuscript Feedback/Fiction & Memoir: If you have worked for a good while on a novel or memoir, the structure is fairly straightforward and linear, and you want feedback on it, you can send me the first 50 pages and a synopsis. I will review your work and return it with edits and marginal notes as well as a comprehensive assessment of the project. This process, including an initial conversation, will take 5-6 hours. You also have the option of requesting an entire manuscript edit, which would be a 15-20 hour engagement

Consistent Coaching: This would entail a live reading over zoom once a week, where we take turns reading your prose aloud and pausing along the way for comments regarding language and craft. We can get through a minimum of ten pages an hour. The process is best utilized with a longer time commitment over several months. The work we do together provides you with built-in deadlines, and the format gives you a cumulative benefit as you shape your project. 

Publication Consult:  The opportunity to meet with me via zoom to discuss next steps. I will offer advice on securing agents, and navigating publication and publicity, as well as literary citizenship. This is free of charge to writers who have already worked with me. 


I have worked as an editorial consultant for international non-profits to edit comprehensive reports and book-length works. Topics include peace initiatives in Burma, women’s rights in Mexico, restrictions on political advocacy in Colombia, government control over civic engagement in Turkey, media access in Zimbabwe, and post-war trauma in Burundi as well as political and socio-economic programs throughout the United States. Please contact me for a free 20 minute discussion about your project and needs.