Sleeping Alone


In this collection of rich and textured stories about crossing borders, both real and imagined, Sleeping Alone asks one of the fundamental questions of our times: What is the toll of feeling foreign in one’s land, to others, or even to oneself? A cast of misfits, young and old, single and coupled, even entire family units, confront startling changes wrought by difficult circumstances or harrowing choices.

Bon Courage


Bon Courage is a fierce, moving, eclectic and intimate collection—wide ranging and inclusive in the essay mode, deep and revealing as a memoir, with the dynamics and layering of great fiction. As if that’s not enough, it sings. Ru Freeman participates intimately while bringing global perspectives to subjects as diverse as Bowie and Dylan, Palestine, 9/11, hairstyles, personal and cultural identity, and #MeToo.


Global Leaders on Shared Security

A world-renowned cast of writers—from esteemed peacemaker Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the twenty-eight year old UN Secretary General’s Envoy for Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake, and award-winning novelist and creator of Narrative 4, Colum McCann.

Extraordinary Rendition

American Writers on Palestine

Extraordinary Rendition: (American) Writers on Palestine brings together the work of sixty-five prominent writers to examine America’s culpability in the denial of human rights and dignity to Palestinians in Israel/Palestine and beyond.wrought by difficult circumstances or harrowing choices.

On Sal Mal Lane

On the day the Herath family moves in, Sal Mal Lane is still a quiet street, disturbed only by the cries of the children whose triumphs and tragedies sustain the families that live there. As the neighbors adapt to the newcomers in different ways, the children fill their days with cricket matches, romantic crushes, and small rivalries.

A Disobedient Girl

A Novel

“She loved fine things and had no doubt that she deserved them…” As dawn breaks over a Southern coastal town in Sri Lanka, Biso, a desperate young mother, flees from her murderous husband, taking her children with her to find refuge and a better life in the hill country.