Indivisible: Global Leaders on Shared Security

edited by Ru Freeman and Kerri Kennedy

A world-renowned cast of writers—from esteemed peacemaker Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the twenty-eight year old UN Secretary General’s Envoy for Youth, Jayathma Wickramanayake, and award-winning novelist and creator of Narrative 4, Colum McCann—disavow the notion of security as stemming from walls, x-ray machines, armed security forces, and other militarized means of separating one population or group from another, refuse to identify particular groups or demographics as threats to other groups, and redefine security as being inclusive and egalitarian.

Taken together these global citizens articulate a persuasive and powerful argument in favor of a new way of looking at a world where we reframe security as a shared goal. This is an exceptional compilation of voices whose places of origin reflect the world of which they speak, and who, in chorus, become a testament to the fact that we can come together, no matter how far-flung we are, how solitary our endeavors, to shape our common future.

“From this collection emerges a timely, poignant vision about what a truly secure and peaceful world might look like.”
—Erica Chenoweth, Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

“Passionate reflections from renowned activists and thinkers ranging in age from their twenties to their nineties, makes Indivisible an essential contribution to the discussion on forging an equitable and lasting peace for our fragile global community.”
—Helen Gym, Philadelphia City Council member and community organizer

Evocative and moving. Ru Freeman is a marvelous storyteller who sees deeply into the complex layers of compassion and love, of sorrow and betrayal. An amazing first novel.— Ursula Hegi, author of Stones From The River and The Worst Thing I Have Done