9 January, 2013

San José, CA

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
3 p.m.
Mt. Pleasant High School
1750 South White Road, San Jose, CA 95127
408-937-2800 Phone

7 p.m.
Author Event & Signing
The Center for Literary Arts
San José State University
One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192-0223
Event Line: (408) 924-4600

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The Books:

The Books:

On Sal Mal Lane

In the tradition of In the Time of the Butterflies and The Kite Runner, a tender, evocative novel about the years leading up to the Sri Lankan civil war.

A Disobedient Girl

A Disobedient Girl is a compelling map of womanhood, its desires and loyalties, set against the backdrop of beautiful, politically turbulent, Sri Lanka.