5 March, 2012

AWP 2012 Recap

Over at the Huffington Post with a recap of AWP 2012. You can read the full post here. Below, an excerpt.

…Best of all, with each succeeding year, you learn how to navigate the conference. You don’t dart from panel to panel like a deranged bat trapped at a raquetball tournament, you set time aside to talk to human beings (not their iterations as editors and publishers and sellers of broadsides), and, when in doubt, err on the side of watching out for your friends. So, fresh from AWP, here are a few lessons learned and cool words from people who know these things:

On Writing Evil (from The Center for Fiction reading)
1. To issue evil to others while denying it in ourselves is to imagine that evil is “solvable.” (Paul Harding)
2. If you delineate notions of good and evil you do the work of the devil, so to speak. (Marilynne Robinson)
3. You do not write about evil so much as you write about the management of evil. (Ha Jin)

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  1. Jenn says:

    Lovely recap! Enjoyed foraging for those barstools with you…and wish I’d ended up with a seat closer to you!

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The Books:

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